Fix ARA warnings with mysql

Getting errors like “/root/.virtualenvs/utils35/lib/python3.5/site-packages/pymysql/ Warning: (1300, “Invalid utf8 character string: ‘9C1DCE’”) result = self._query(query)”  when you run an ansible playbook with the ARA plugin? Change the mysql python lib to cymysql ie in $ANSIBLE_CONFIG [ara] database = mysql+cymysql://ara:dbpass@localhost/ara Seems like pymysql has issues with utf-8 & python v3

Running ansible from a windows host

This is partly based on instructions from but uses a virtual environment and no checking out from Github / manually installing packages. Install Cygwin. Include following packages: python openssl / openssl-devel python-crypto python-openssl openssh Install & configure pip, virtualenv & virtualenvwrapper as per Create a virtual environment for ansible with mkvirtualenv –system-site-packages ansi …

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